Australian made Eco-concious, Modern Vintage Designs

About Sarah Alyce Designs,
Sarah Alyce Designs began in 2015 while I began during my studies at university for a Bachelor of Design (Fashion).  
The brand started mainly as a small local market stall, it then grew to on to Etsy as an online sales platform and finally onto this website here which is now as of 2019 the main site of sales.
S.A.D. is all about being fun, different and eclectic.  Inspiration for the designs, patterns and prints I create come from everything and anything that catches my eye, usually with a vintage twist. 
One of the mottos of the brand is to be as environmentally concious as possible.  I try to use envrio-friendly as well as recycled textiles and habedashery as much as possible .in all my designs, which also applies when doing my print design with the dyes, process and materials used.
When creating garments, I generally do custom orders based on sample designs, mainly due to the fact that every person is different in their shape and size.  This ensures that when a final garment is sewn together, it will be perfect in it's fit, comfortability and style for you.
Make sure to check in on my Instagram, Facebook as well as the blog page on this site to see when, where and what S.A.D. will be doing in the future.