2020 Rebrand and Revamp!

02 Feb

A new year is upon us, a new decade is here, a new Sarah Alyce Designs is coming your way!

For 2020 Sarah Alyce Designs will be modernised and easier to access online.  

In 2019 so many things happened and it was hard to keep up the balance of daily life and what I love doing.  As life has settled back down again I am making what I love to do here in the brand a priority.

There are so many ventures I want to take this brand into, starting with a nicer and more user friendly website.  I will be putting up for sale my personal favourites from past collections as well as the most recent collection 'Toy Box' which has a collaborative range of Earring Designs by the talented The_Happy_Knot.

As well as creating a whole new website and changing the structure of the online shop, I have redesigned the main logo for the brand!  Now it is easier to read, catches your eye and is easily recognisable for the brand and what it represents.

I will keep you updated on all the new and exciting things that are to come for Sarah Alyce Designs but for now I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2020.  This new decade is the beginning of change and good vibes and if we make the most out of what we are given and help others in need, everyone will have a fantastic start to this decade of 2020.

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