The other week at RAW!

14 Aug

What a couple of months it has been leading up to RAW's Showcase Ovation.  This experience has been absolutely amazing, I have met so many new faces within the industry of fashion as well as local artisans of all walks of life.

 Thank-you so much to my amazing parents for helping me at the start as well as at the end of the day with the back stage set up.  You are my biggest fans and I am yours, your support for my design endeavours is one of the main reasons I have made it this far.  Thank-you also to my friends and family who came to support me at the Showcase, being able to present my work to you had made the experience so much more worth the while!

Up on my 'Photoshoot's' page on this website as well as on my Facebook page, I have uploaded the images taken from the night.  I have a range of Behind the Scenes, Photoshoot and Runway shots to take a squiz at.  On my Instagram I have throughout this week, been posting model snapshots, showcasing each model who helped out for the Runway.  I will link their insta's in the post's description, you should definitely check them all out as they are such amazing ladies to work with and they are absolutely gorgeous!

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